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E-GREEN A627 4+2 (6 Seats)

E-GREEN A627 4+2


MODEL                                                    E-Green A627 4+2 with 8 Seats
SYSTEM                                                  48V 4KW DC System
MOTOR                                                   4KW A.D.C motor
CHARGER                                               Offboard charger 48V/25A
CONTROLLER                                         Curtis1204M
BATTERY                                                Trojan 6Volt x 8 units
MAXIMUM SPEED                                   30 km/h
MINIMUM TURNING REDIUS                  5m
OVERALL DIMENSION                            L3900 x W1480 x H1980 mm


Product Description

E-GREEN A627 4+2 is a smooth ride for sightseeing and guest transfer. Comfortable seat and sleek design interior finishing add the joy of riding to any sightseeing trip. These multi-purpose electric passenger cars are popular use among hospitality guest transfer, sightseeing,or they can be used at airport, business, compound, etc. All cars are available with options and accessories for smooth and efficient transport both indoor and outdoor purpose. Optional solar roof.

Seat Color Options