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E-GREEN A6272 (2 Seats)

E-GREEN A627 2

MODEL                                    E-Green A2, with 2 Seats
MOTOR                                   3.7KW A.D.C motor (DC or AC motor)
CONTROLLER                          Curtis 1266(275A)
BATTERY                                 Trojan 8Volt 170AH x 6 units
CHARGER                                Input 220-240V 50Hz, output 48V/25A
MAXIMUM SPEED                    24 km/h
RANGE BASE ON FLAT ROAD   80km – 100km
OVERALL DIMENSION (MM)    L2450 x W1160 x H1840


Product Description

E-Green A627 2 is 2 seats golf cart, one of the most popular golf cart models sold in Europe and USA. A smooth ride for sightseeing and guest transfer. Comfortable seat and sleek design interior finishing add the joy of riding to any sightseeing trip.

Seat Color Options